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  • Michelle Fincke

Trust Me, I'm A Crime Writer

FMIL member, teacher and well-known author Sherryl Clark paid the Reading Room a visit in October to talk about her new crime novel, Trust Me, I'm Dead.

Inspired by Melbourne's gangland wars, it tells the story of Judy Westerholme, who had fled the city's dark corners for the peace of the countryside only to be dragged back by the brutal murder of her brother.

One of the most interesting things Sherryl talked about was research, particularly related to setting. She thinks it's important to get it right, because if you are writing about real places - and she's referenced lots of familiar spots in the West in this book - locals know if you've made it up. And they won't be impressed.

Sherryl was preparing to fly out on a writing residency in Finland, and told the audience about the benefits of finding the time and space to really devote to a project. There's a sequel to Trust Me, I'm Dead in the pipeline; let's hope she comes back to talk about Judy's ongoing adventures.

It was great to see committee members, library members and new faces enjoying the refreshments and taking a tour of our lovely library.

And if you're keen to find out what happens to Judy, the library has added a copy of Trust Me, I'm Dead to our extensive crime fiction collection.

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