Welcome to
Footscray Mechanics' Institute

Our purpose

The purpose of the library is:

  • The diffusion of literary, scientific, social and useful knowledge into the community, by means of a circulating library, reading rooms, community services or any other the committee determines.

  • The promotion of healthy social contact amongst members by games such as billiards, snooker, chess and other activities.

  • The promotion of activities deemed by the committee to be beneficial to the citizens of Footscray and surrounding areas.

The committee

The Footscray Mechanics' Institute is run by a dedicated committee of management,
several who have devoted decades to the cause.

Our committee 


President: Neville Balfour 
Vice-President: Robert Mackenzie
Treasurer: Steven Wilson
Secretary: Elizabeth Balfour         

Ordinary members: Doug Clymo, Keith O'Brien, Eric Smith,
Neil Farren,  Linda Longley, Gary Bester