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"Simple Chinese Cooking" book review


The FMI library currently has 212 cookbooks within its collection. The books are classified as Non-Fiction in the FMI catalogue. These will be classified as 641 under the Dewey system. Of these cookbooks 176 are classified as general and 36 as other specific such as dietary or children’s etc.

A couple of samples include "Forever Summer" by Nigella Lawson or "Simple Chinese Cooking" by Kylie Kwong. Taking a closer look at Kylie Kwongs’ book one finds a fantastic example of a coffee table format with beautiful illustrations. As said the book is entitled "Simple Chinese Cooking" and is published by LANTERN, an imprint of Penguin Books in 2006

This book takes one through the equipment and ingredients necessary to make Chinese cuisine. Moving on to stocks, and then the various ingredients you need, from Beef to Chicken to Seafood, and much more. Each recipe is given with a list of ingredients, and step guide to using the recipe, accompanied by nice photograph of the finished article. Where there are specific actions such as scoring a squid for stir fry, Kwong includes photographically enhanced step by step instructions.

A charming book to browse thru while giving the reader an opportunity to replicate their favourite Chinese restaurant feeds for themselves and the family.

[Thanks to Neil for his review]

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