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HAIKU event 3rd June 2022 - 1pm - gold coin donation

HAIKU - EVENT - an introduction

FMI Library - June 3rd 1-2 pm

FMI members and members of the public are invited to this event at Footscray Mechanics' Institute Reading Room, 209 Nicholson Street, Footscray VIC 3011, on 3rd June between 1-2pm

Gold Coin donation optional for attendees No need to book - just turn up at 12.50

Poetry is of interest to several members of the committee---

Of interest to me is a genre of poetry known as Haiku: this is a Japanese form of poetry which was refined in the 17th century. Today still is the subject of newspaper competitions in Japan.

This form of poetry is popular in English also. Of note is the use by 'beat' poets such as Jack Kerouac. The library is preparing a discussion on an introduction to Haiku poetry. This will be held on a Friday between 1- 2pm commencing 3rd June 2022 for two weeks. Neil will lead discussion. Members are invited to submit their own poems in the haiku mode in person or online.

Haiku is based on the use of 17 syllables or more in a 5,7,5 stanza; for example, the classic and best known of the haiku is by Basho in the 1680s about a frog jumping into an old well. In Japanese--

fu ru i ke ya - 5 syllables ka wa zu to bi ko mu -7 syllables mi zu no o to --5 syllables

A translation into English

The old well the frog jumps the sound of water

Basho was one of the masters of Haiku. He lived at end of 17th into early 18th century. Famous for his peregrinations he travelled by foot and horse around the north of Honshu island and wrote poetry as he went. The FMI library has a copy of a one of the translations of "Narrow Road to the Deep North" for those that are interested.

Neil (FMI Committee)

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