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Crime Fiction discussion group Friday 1st March 1pm ANN CLEEVES "White Nights"

We will be discussing the crime fiction works of Ann Cleeves, in particular her "White Nights" novel, at the FMI reading Room on 1st March @ 1pm. No need to book, all FMI members are welcome.

Ann Cleeves has written several crime fiction books. Her best known character is Vera. The books featuring this character are regularly to be seen on TV. Another of Cleeves' characters is Jimmy Perez. The series which focus on this protagonist is also regularly on TV. The series featuring Perez is set in the Shetland Islands . The Shetlands are cluster of islands betwixt Scotland and Norway. They have  a historical story of real interest, and in real life a somewhat unique way of being, which is reflected by Cleeves in her books. There are eight books in the series at present. They are in 2 sets of four with themes based on seasons and natural phenomena.

In 'White Nights' the second book in the series, a hanged body of an outsider, is found in a small community, and the investigation commences. The theme of the environment leads to an emphasis on the seasons in the first quadrant of books. The simmer dim is how the locals refer to the almost perpetual light of the summer months on the islands. This has psychological effects on those that live through it. A second murder confirms Perez's theory that it is a local matter rather than an outsiders issue. As well as the storyline the interphase of the characters is enjoyable to me. The development and description of relationships is nicely done I feel. The use of argot from the islands such as peerie, soothmoother, and voe, add elements to the novel. A third body or pieces of remains adds to the mystery.  The solution is up to you the readers to discover. A clue is that the perpetrator is not easier to guess from the plot.

Enjoy as I did NF

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