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BOOK REVIEW: "All Along The Telegraph: A Bob Dylan Handbook"

BOOK REVIEW: "All Across the Telegraph: A Bob Dylan Handbook"

Edited by Michael Gray & John Bauldie

"The Telegraph" was a UK fanzine dedicated to all things Bob Dylan. This book was published in 1987, and compiles selected articles from the back pages of "The Telegraph".

So what we have is a selection of eclectic articles, mostly by British academics, focussing on key facets of Dylan's career from 1961 until 1987.

Bob Dylan is a definite one-off individual. he was idolised amongst the counter-culture of the Sixties, but now has a polarising effect on people, who either get him or don't.

Seen as the "Shakespeare of our times" in his 80s rather than as the "Voice of a Generation" as he was viewed in the 1960's, Dylan has let his grand back catalogue of inspiring work speak for itself.

Now a Nobel Prize laureate, Dylan has had an importance with his influence on literature, culture, personal politics, religion, and even America's own self-image, in addition to creating some of the most original and dynamic albums of the rock era.

Dylan fans will devour this volume as each article adds more depth and understanding of our knowledge of Dylan the person, but more importantly Dylan's intentions and triumph as a singer-songwriter-musician-actor.

People not conversant with Dylan's work will probably struggle to understand the different revelations offered by this unique handbook.

If you enjoy Dylan's songs - please check the FMI collection for these other amazing titles for loan:

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"Tarantula" - Dylan's only novel

Rating: Recommended for fans of Bob Dylan 4/5 - non-Dylan fans will get little out of this tome 1/5

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