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ANZAC DAY - Korean War Memorial - Footscray

The Korean War is often referred to as the forgotten war in Australia. No mention of conflict is in the FMI archives. As we approach ANZAC Day 2022 one needs remember those brave souls who suffered and fell in pursuit of United Nations (UN) ideals in the Korean conflict 1950 to 53. The Korean War memorial is in Footscray.

With the end of Second World War, Korea which had been colonised by Japan, was divided into north and south at the 38th parallel; conflict erupted in 1950 and though there was an armistice, the conflict continues to this day. 1950 to 1953 saw intense fighting between north and south Korea the north backed by Russia and China the south mainly by US under auspices of UN. First the North Koreans pushed the Southerners into a pocket in South east but then were in turn pushed back to Yalu River in the north. The line of battle waxed and waned till it was set in 38th parallel in the armistice where it remains today

Australian forces were deployed under the U.N. to help defend the south. All elements of Australian military forces were in combat at some point in the conflict, Australian casualties were 340 killed and more than 1000 wounded, with some still listed as missing. An exhibition in Footscray Mechanics library details combat events the Army were involved in. Two of note were Kapyong and Mayongsan in 1951. Australian forces defended the line in these two battles. Military awards were won at considerable cost. The most notable of these being a VC and a Presidential Unit Citation.

Vale Lest we forget


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