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James Lee BURKE - crime fiction - Book Discussion March 17th

FMI is pleased to have our next book discussion group on Friday 17th March 1-2pm.

This time the author under the spotlight is James Lee Burke.

The session will be in the FMI Reading Room, no cost and no need to book!


Is an American author. He is an author of many award-winning crime fiction books. The titles of the books intrigued me. His character in 20 plus books is Dave Robicheaux, who is a law enforcement officer in Louisiana near New Orleans.

A Vietnamese veteran whose nightmares litter the works, Robicheaux is a morally motivated character who struggles with what is good and evil.

A Morning for Flamingos is the fourth book in the series featuring Robicheaux. A tale of deception and murder based in the drug trade. Robicheaux is undercover to set up drug deals in an attempt to trap a mob-based drug dealer; this is following his recovery from being shot by an escaping prisoner.

The weather of Louisiana is a backdrop to the cast of original characters. The word copacetic is one of the authors idiosyncrasies. A new word for me, it means ‘in excellent order’.

The Footscray Mechanics Library (FMI) has eight of the books in this series, with more coming.

A chat group is scheduled for 17th March 2023 from 1pm-2pm for those interested.

The book I will focus on in chat group is entitled In the Electric Mist with the Confederate Dead, where Robicheaux has doubts about his sanity, following a drink spiking as he communicates with the ghosts of the civil war dead. At the end of the book a photograph is observed in a history book showing Robicheaux in company of the same civil war figures! A case of what I think of as magic realism. A copacetic book.

Come on in and enjoy our chat about Burke’s works. (NF)

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